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Why is Price of the saffron so high?

Saffron for export

Saffron for export

Price of the saffron is high in Iran and many other countries, and it is known as the red-gold in global markets. Iran is the leading producer of saffron in the globe. The historical backdrop of saffron development in Iran traces back to over 3000 years prior. Join us for more information on other content from the Nabet site

Reaping saffron requires a ton of actual work to pick the blossoms (flowers) starting from the earliest stage and then taking them to the final bundling. Besides the peculiar taste, smell, and color, the harvesting process makes it the most expensive seasoning in the world. Saffron is utilized as a colorant and spice in kitchens throughout the globe. It might before long be generally used for therapeutic purposes.

Just 453 grams of saffron can cost 5,000 dollars. This plant can undoubtedly be a costly spice. What is the following expensive spice? Vanilla, which costs about 600 dollars. So what makes saffron expensive?


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Saffron is a spice that is extremely hard to collect. Red Saffron is acquired from saffron blossoms (flowers). Every flower has three red stigmas, which we call saffron. Saffron yield is meager. To harvest 1800 grams of saffron per acre, you need to recruit an enormous number of laborers.

Eventually, to get 450 grams of saffron, we have to pick one hundred and fifty thousand to one hundred and seventy thousand flowers by hand. Purple saffron flowers bloom only for six weeks, from late October to early December. It is also a particular time to harvest saffron.

When we have higher relative moistness noticeable all around, it can influence the nature of saffron. Daylight can likewise break the substance design of saffron. Consequently, it is better to gather saffron consistently and every day.
90% of the entire saffron produced in the world is in the barren lands of Iran. The effort that will be put in and the expenses of harvesting it makes the Price of the saffron high.

We need one hundred to two hundred thousand saffron flowers only to get one kilogram of pure saffron. To get a better picture of this number in your mind, you can imagine that if we use the size of three volleyball fields of saffron plants, we can hope to get one kilogram of pure saffron. Each saffron flower has only three stigmas. Workers pick stigmas by their hands, and they have to be sensitive about it.

Why is Iran the leading producer of saffron?

Iranian saffron

Iranian saffron

The answer is clear; the reason is the suitable soil and conditions and, of course, the skilled labor to harvest such a valuable crop. Of course, saffron is grown in Iran and grows in Morocco, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, India, and even the United States. Click here for more information.
The best effort for saffron is made in Iran because, to obtain one kilogram of dry saffron, farmers have to separate 170,000 flower seeds from the stigma for long hours and dry them with great care.

Although most of the world’s saffron is grown in Iran, more regular saffron is also grown in India, Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Italy, and the United States. Saffron is not produced in any land. For example, the soil’s pH and other chemical factors play a role in the growth of the saffron plant. Weather conditions such as cold and humidity are also critical in the processing of the saffron plant.

Why does the Price of saffron change every day?

Super Negin
Super Negin

Since the Price of the saffron is entirely dependent on world markets and is usually measured in US dollars, this plant’s cost usually changes a bit every day. Due to the Iranian economy’s catastrophic inflation, the Price of saffron has increased by at least 80% compared to last year. On the other hand, the Price of saffron in world markets has also increased, and therefore its price changes every day.

How vital is saffron?

It has been manifested to be beneficial in many situations over the centuries. Saffron is often used in cooking homemade meals. As Iranians, we use saffron in our food every day, and we make food with a lot of saffron until we cannot find a substitute for the taste of saffron.
Saffron is used on rice, some loaves of bread, and to flavor foods. Saffron has some chemical compounds such as Picrocrocin and crocin.

They have three main elements that make the taste, color, and smell. When we talk about the nature of saffron, technically, we are discussing these three synthetic segments, saffron is innately a vital spice.

Price of saffron in different countries around the world

Red saffron

Red saffron

Statistics show that the Price of saffron in global markets in 2019 has increased compared to the previous year, and as you know, various factors affect saffron exports.
Saffron exports in 2020 have been affected by global markets due to the coronavirus pandemic. The corona pandemic in different countries has reduced the demand for saffron, especially in significant saffron importing countries.

Exact statistics on saffron exports in 2020 have not been announced. Exports have dropped dramatically with the outbreak of the coronavirus and the closure of markets. But experts say that in 2021 we will experience a better situation in terms of export.

The Iranian saffron price is at least 3 to 4 times cheaper compared to other countries. In all saffron-producing countries, a maximum of 40 tons of saffron is produced during the year, while the forecast for saffron production in Iran has been about 500 tons.
According to official statistics, in 2019, more than 450 tons of saffron worth approximately 470 million dollars were exported to international markets.

Price of the saffron in Germany

In Germany, you can buy saffron, 0.75 to 4.5 euros per gram. Prices in Germany are not numerically different from prices in the various countries that are members of the European Union due to free trade between them.


Bulk purchase of saffron in Turkey costs you between 1.5 and 4 US dollars per gram.
What about other countries?
India 1.6 to 2 euros per gram.
The United States 6 to 7.3 euros per gram.
Canada 5 to 6.5 euros per gram.

European countries such as Spain, Italy, and Germany pay 6 to 7 euros per gram. (Not in bulk)
United Kingdom 6 to 8 euros per gram.
United Arab Emirates 1.9 to 2.4 euros per gram.
China 2 to 2.5 euros per gram.
Armenia 1.75 to 2.3 euros per gram
These prices were recorded in 2020.


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