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Which countries have the highest and lowest price of kinds of saffron?



Those acquainted with saffron realize that various kinds of saffron in the market have various costs. Numerous companies are offering saffron to their customers in various categories. Among all the varieties shown, the three words of the sort, straw, and sorghum are usually more common. The basis of all these classifications is what part of the string related to saffron flowers is present in the prepared product. The types of saffron in the division are not the place of production or packaging company or a variety of saffron cultivation. This issue only refers to the red and yellow parts of the saffron fiber.

The division of saffron in Iran ordinarily incorporates three principal kinds of saffron, and different sorts are generally extraordinary instances of these three kinds. Before depicting the types of saffron, it is vital to recollect that the significance of disgrace is the red part, and the importance of root is the yellow piece of the saffron string.

Why is it so highly-priced in many countries?

Among a whole lot of spices from the distinct global regions, saffron fee is called maximum ones. Generally, there is lots of thoughts approximately the best fee for spice over the global. Undoubtedly, this fee relies upon at the origin, purity, and form of presented saffron.

As you know, human beings in distinct nations use distinct devices for weight measurement. For Saffron, “Gram” and “Ounce” are maximum famous devices. Gram is a global unit (SI unit) for weight and mass measurement, while Ounce is a “Colonial unit” for weight and mass measurement.
Since, 1 Once is same to 28.35 Grams, while you are thinking about the saffron fee, please be aware the weight unit.
Obviously, saffron fee relies upon on distinct gadgets like country, Origin, Brand, type, quality, quantity, etc. Here, you may locate the saffron fee for one gram Negin type in distinct nations.

Country Price for 1 gram (Euro):

1 Persia 1-1.2
2 India 2.6-4
3 United States (US) 7-9.3
4 Canada 6-8.5
5 Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany) 7-9
6 United Kingdom (UK) 7-10
7 United Arab Emirates 2.9-4.4
8 China 3-5.5
9 Turkey 2.75-4.3



Why saffron worth is high?

If you recognize the method of saffron production, you’ll notice that why saffron is therefore expensive:
Significantly, Saffron farm ought to rest at the top of harvest season up to begin of next harvest season. So, it’s impracticable to reap the other plant throughout the remainder period of saffron farm.
In fact, every Saffron corn ought to be planted by human hand one by one. And its a time overwhelming and gentle process.

Finally, 2-3 saffron flower can grow from every saffron corn.
Next, every saffron flower should develop by human hand gently.
Simultaneously, humans detach saffron threads from saffron flowers by hand and with great precision.
After driving saffron threads from saffron flower, red half can dried in an exceedingly dark and dry place.
Last however not least, to have 8-10 gram all red saffron, this method ought to pass for 1-kilogram saffron flower.

Where to shop for Saffron?

If you reside in Persia lands, best place to shop for Persian saffron is nearest super market. In all probability a hundred meter far away from your home. But, if you reside in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, or East Asia, there’s 1-3 store in your town that provide saffron. Therefore, you should pass a protracted thanks to notice in all probability one quite saffron, terribly expensive. However, if you’re searching for honest and smart worth saffron on-line this is the right place.

Wholesale and Retail Saffron Price

Like different products, wholesale worth is not up to retail saffron price. Therefore, whenever you looking for saffron in on-line shops, note the worth per gram. Generally, price per gram lower by increase in the amount of saffron. For example, you’ll pay ten USD per gram once you obtain 5-gram package (plus 10-12 USD as shipping cost). While, you’ll pay four USD per gram once you order 100-gram package. Around 65%crease per gram.

Since, saffron quality don’t decrease throughout one year, we have a tendency to suggest you to order all saffron you wish for one year in wholesale packages. Please note to store them in an exceedingly dark and dry place.
Ten countries where the kinds of saffron have the highest price


Highest price

Highest price

Usually in countries that are not significant importers of saffron. These countries are:

  • America
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • France
  • Argentina
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Sweden

The price of saffron in these countries is much higher than other importers. In France and the United Arab Emirates, the cost of this product had risen extraordinarily and unbelievably a few years ago.

Ten countries where the kinds of saffron have the lowest price

  • Iran
  • Greece
  • Afghanistan
  • Hong Kong
  • England
  • Armenia
  • Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Iraq
  • Egypt


Saffron flowers

Saffron flowers

The price of the kinds of saffron is very low in Iran. Because Iran is the export hub of this product worldwide, and most of the cultivation is done in Iran. Iran’s climate is quite suitable for saffron cultivation, and workers’ prices are much lower than other saffron exporting countries. The cost of Iranian saffron in the national markets is not so low. Due to the existence of intermediaries, the saffron price is usually not stable and changes every day.

Also, its price depends entirely on the price of the dollar, and if it increases, the price of this product will definitely increase. To date, Iranian saffron has played a significant role in various countries Click here for more information. Still, due to the deplorable economic conditions of the country and sanctions, the export of this expensive product has suffered a lot, and its export has decreased by almost one-fifth compared to previous years. However, Iranian saffron is the most popular saffron globally, which always has many buyers due to its very high quality.


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