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What Makes Saffron Unique And Expensive?

Saffron is highly versatile and luxurious. Saffron and Iran are exclusively linked together, and Iran crops about 80% of the world’s Super Negin Saffron supplier of Saffron. Despite its compact size, this spice is quite luxurious and is appropriate for many applications.

There are diverse types of Saffron, such as Negin saffron, Persian Saffron, and many others. The Persian Saffron is a natural spice also known as Red Gold. It is worldwide known for its unique quality, pleasant flavor, fascinating fragrance, and superb coloring strength. Here are some of the questions people usually ask about Saffron that make it beneficial for use.

How is Saffron obtained?

Saffron is also known as Crocus sativus. It is present in both bulbous and herbal plants. The lifetime of the saffron plant is 7 to 10 years. The brown corm of the saffron plant goes to the corm family. Each bulb cultivates into 6 to 9 thin herbal leaves. In autumn, you can get between one to two pink or purple colored flowers bud from one corm. The pistil of the saffron blossom is in the center that includes the ovary and the thin yellow style growing inside. Saffron flowers have lively, red stigmas 20 to 30 mm in dimension. The stigma is the comestible and profitable part of Saffron. The stigma has many organic components, such as:

carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, essence (especially safranal), pigment (especially crocin), and flavorings (especially picrocin).

The cost of Saffron

Super Negin Saffron supplier’s Saffron is highly luxurious, also expensive. Only 453.56 grams of Saffron can price 5000$, and this plant can be a costly spice. What’s the next elegant spice? So, what has made Saffron expensive?

Saffron is a spice that’s difficult to gather. Saffron is a result of its flower. And each bud has 3–so-called–stigmas that are Saffron. The manufacture of Saffron is deficient. For gathering 1814.24 grams of Safron in each hectare, you need a large labor force to perform quickly.

Moreover, collecting only 453.56 grams of Saffron requires 170,000 flowers. The purple flowers are present for a short period of 6 weeks, between November to December, and there is a fixed period for gathering Saffron. So, this is why it is expensive.

What makes good Saffron?

1- Bitter taste: you should sense some unpleasant taste right after a second of chewing it.

2- Slow color Spreads: Organic Saffron never Feasts color in a flash

3-  each string of Saffron has Saxophone Shape.

4-  make sure the Saffron is  not oily

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