What do you know about saffron uses?

What do you know about saffron uses?

What is saffron? it is a spice from the flower of Crocus Sativus, commonly known as the “saffron crocus”. The orange stigma and styles, we call it threads, are purvey and dried for use mostly as a seasoning and coloring agent in grub and food. it has always been the world’s most costly spice.
The nature of it is hot and dry and it mostly is dried. it use in the form of crocus powder and syrup to prepare hot food and beverages. The plant usually grows at the beginning of the cold season and reaches a size of 30 mm, which gives a beautiful appearance to agricultural lands in autumn.
crocus plant is perennial and has onions. it is grown in southwest Asia, Spain, and southern Europe. it has six purple petals and three orange stigmas. What is used in the saffron plant is its orange stigmas. The saffron stigma of fat has mineral salts. The smell of crocus is wonderful and gives the food a good taste.

The color of saffron is related to a substance called Crocin.
it is a valuable food because it is obtained in very small amounts from its plant. In fact, about 5 kg of crocus is obtained from every 200,000 saffron plants. From 5 kg of fresh crocus, one kg of dried saffron is obtained.
Saffron use
Grow of saffron

Applications of saffron

  • it use is in Food, beverage and beverage industries
  • Pharmaceutical and therapeutic
  • Cooking
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Flavorings
  • as best precious gift
  • Colors

Medicinal properties of saffron

Saffron use as a medicine is very important. crocus lowers blood fats and cholesterol. it is a sedative, appetizing, antispasmodic, preventative against heart disease and cancer. This plant strengthens memory and lowers blood pressure. its use is to treat asthma, skin diseases, and anemia. it helps digest food, and the stomach strengthens and crocus use as a painkiller.

Saffron uses

For the use of natural additives instead of chemicals, its use is the best suggestion. it use is in a variety of desserts, such as saffron cakes and cake powder, saffron shapes, and cookies. In addition to food, its use is as a flavoring and coloring agent for hot drinks such as saffron tea and saffron milk and cold drinks (such as saffron drinks, saffron ice creams, saffron jelly).

its use is in the preparation of traditional cakes and local sweets of each city from Iran, such as Sohan Qom, Mascati Shiraz, Halva Yazd, Kermanshah bread, and Lorestan date cake.

Consumption of saffron in the world

it uses are in all countries. Indians and Arabs consume it more than any other people in the world. Arabs pour saffron over coffee.
The Indians use it in their kebabs. In Italy and Switzerland, its use is for cooking. The French also make food with it.
it uses are in all countries

it uses are to flavor and color different foods, drinks, and desserts. Be sure to use a good amount of it each time and do not use too much as it can cause side effects.

Saffron in drinks

How does it use in a drink? Pour the saffron powder into the glass, and add coffee or tea to it, and then pour boiling water over it. crocus syrup prepare by adding crocus powder and sugar to cold water and is a very suitable drink on a hot summer day. You can also add rose water to it.

Saffron dessert

What are it uses in desserts? it in ice cream both increases its nutritional and medicinal value and creates a pleasant appearance and taste. You can also add it to dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cream. To get the unique smell.

The correct way to use saffron

“The best way to consume it is to grind it,” says a professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. “The powder of a plant releases its compounds with a higher percentage, and when you grind and then use it, you get the most benefit from it.”
“Saffron yarns have a delicate texture and in boiling water, the compounds in them release quickly, so you can get the most out of them,” he said.

Put on direct heat. It is enough to pour the ground it in a glass of boiling water or lukewarm water, and brew it for a while and heat it.
If it is poured directly into food and is on direct heat for a while, the effects and properties of this plant will reduce, while crocus should be poured on food at the last moment for color and flavor, and heated under the same heat of food until the available ingredients. “Let it relax.” How much saffron can we use per month? it uses should not be very much.

Consumption of three grams of it per month is very useful for the body and consuming more than 5 grams per month is harmful. But eating 5 grams of it in one meal can lead to death.

How to keep saffron?

Light and moisture should not reach the crocus. Keep it in closed glass containers. Note that the essential oil of saffron evaporates and reduces its odor. Therefore, close the lid of the saffron container tightly. If the container lid is open, the drug’s effects and quality reduce.

How to keep it?

Where does saffron grow in Iran?

In Iran, Khorasan province has always been a pioneer in saffron planting. it is cultivated in different cities of Khorasan, including Torbat Heydariyeh, Torbat Jam, Gonabad, Neishabour, and Bajestan, and this province has the first place in saffron cultivation. South Khorasan Province is the second-largest producer of Iranian saffron.

In terms of quality, it is the first in South Khorasan, but in terms of quantity, it is the second region after Khorasan Razavi. After Khorasan province, we can mention the provinces of Kerman, Lorestan, Fars, etc., which cultivate it.

Saffron export in the world

In the export of crocus in 2018, the top exporters of it were Iran, Spain, Afghanistan, Moldova, and China.
In that year, saffron was the world’s 327th most traded commodity with $ 325 million. also, the top importers of saffron included Hong Kong, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Saffron export

Why export saffron?

crocus exports are very important for the growth of the country’s economy. Because the producer has more sales markets for his crocus. This allows the crocus seller to sell his product at a higher price. For Iran, the export of saffron means the acquisition of foreign currency that can buy the necessary imports – foreign goods that are unable to produce it.

Government support for saffron exports

The value of crocus exports to the world, estimated more than $ 78 million in five months sometimes.

“Currently, more than 20 percent of the value of Iran’s agricultural exports is due to crocus exports. Despite sanctions, about 280 tons of crocus worth $ 351 million. He said in an interview with IRNA. “Other countries exported, while saffron exports in 2011 totaled 122 tons in total.”

Iran’s trade problems in crocus exports

  • Poor quality exports
  • Remote sales market
  • Unfavorable trading conditions
  • Not finding a suitable and reliable company for business
  • Lack of coordination between the manufacturer and the sales market
  • Severe depreciation
  • Scheduling

What is the reason for the popularity of Iranian crocus in the world?

crocus exports to all countries of the world and people’s support for crocus exports due to its excellent quality. crocus planted in Iran is an expensive spice that also is called red gold in the world. Due to its excellent quality, its unique fragrance, unique flavor, and beautiful color are known worldwide.

How can we improve crocus sales?

  1. Carefully evaluate each of the markets in which you intend to sell.
  2.  Start with reliable markets.
  3. Research crocus trade.
  4.  After doing the research, you can leave it to the trusted company.
  5.  Ask for help from companies and experienced people.
  6. Check your prices.

    High admission crocus cultivation

    In the first three years of planting, the total profit from crocus sales is one-third of the net profit. But the profit from selling crocus is not that low. Because the profit from selling crocus will increase from the third year onwards. However, before these profitable years, capital and costs for planting crocus, their proper storage in good environmental conditions, and manpower to harvest it are very high. However, according to interviews with various news agencies, the income from saffron harvesting is much higher than the income from wheat and other grains.

    crocus planting stages at home

    Planting crocus costs you little at home! It is a good idea to know the process of planting crocus in your home, living space, such as gardens, greenhouses, and pots. Planting crocus in pots can reduce your need for initial capital. Because investing in saffron production and planting requires a lot of time. Also, low income from the initial sale of harvested crocus will not cause irreparable damage to your initial capital.
    You can spend a lot of money to buy or rent a farm, considering the space of your home, such as the greenhouse and even the pots. On the other hand, you will not need a lot of fertilizer. But when you choose a relatively small environment for growing crocus, you can irrigate crocus onions and at a lower cost. And you need less fertilizer to improve the soil than that.

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