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Spring cleaning your body with saffron

Spring is almost here and you, like many other people, might be thinking about spring cleaning. Why not start with your body first and cleanse all the fat and toxics that were stored in the cold winter?! It will result in a better look, lower weight, and higher health both in your body and mind.

There are many ways to spring cleanse your body but certain foods such as saffron can facilitate the process, not to mention making it more delicious and aromatic!

In this article, we will review spring cleaning your body with saffron so you can take another step toward better health.

How does saffron help spring cleaning your body?

The human body has the highest natural intelligence that is working nonstop to defend itself from attacks while digesting foods to sustain life. The detox process inside the body is highly complex which involves the following organs:

Skin is the largest organ, can keep away harmful substances such as pathogens and environmental pollutions. It is the first line of defense that is working directly with internal organs to maintain the integrity of your body.

The immune system is a network of cells in blood plasma and lymph nodes. It recognizes foreign substances that have been able to enter via ingestion and eliminate them efficiently.

The respiratory system, starting from nose to lungs, traps the particles that exist in the air and expel them through airways using mucus.

The liver acts as a principal filter and produces proteins called metallothioneins that neutralize heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury to prepare them for safe elimination from the body. Liver cells also create enzymes that regulate metabolism of drugs and act critically in defense against harmful chemicals and toxins.

Kidneys are remarkably efficient in filtering out waste products and excreting them out of the body.

Spring cleaning your body with saffron

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Intestines are full of lymph nodes that screen out parasites and foreign substances before distributing nutrients into the blood stream.

This intelligent process is constantly at work without you paying attention. But sometimes the workload becomes heavy because you have been less active and more feeding in the winter to keep yourself warm!

Winter is the coldest season of the year when low temperature forces you to stay inside, lock the windows, turn on the heating system and eat! Cold weather triggers hunger and appetite and that is why most people eat more in the winter both in terms of volume and energy density of the foods chosen. This explains the public weight gain in the winter!

When you eat more and move less, you might store fat in all the places you don’t want to. But fatty tissue also stores toxics and harmful chemicals that your body couldn’t transform into safe compounds or discharge through urination and bowl movement. They will be stored in fatty tissues until a safe transformation or discharge is possible. That is when your natural detox organs can use some help from your diet. Saffron is one of the key ingredients that can help your robust cleaning system!

The detoxifying property of saffron is due to its rich antioxidant content. Saffron has almost 300 different kinds of chemicals many of which are from the carotenoid family. They are known for their powerful free radical scavenging ability that leads to dissolving chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

The most studied compounds in saffron are Crocin, Picrocrocin, and Safranal for their antioxidant activity that also happens to cause beautiful yellow color, unique flavor, and exotic aroma respectively. They are able to donate one electron to free radicals that are created by environmental pollutions or chronic diseases. By doing so, these oxidative agents become stable and non-reactive. That is when inflammation cools down and diseases such as asthma or even cancer heal. The resources are freed from constant defense and fat-storing hormones are regulated. The result is a happy heart, a calm mind, and a proportional body.

How to use saffron for spring cleaning your body?

You don’t need to complicate things in order to benefit from saffron’s detoxifying property. All you need to do is to crush a pinch of saffron in mortar and pestle then mix it with warm water and wait for 15 minutes while it brews. When the exotic aroma fills the space and the water is turned light reddish color, your potion is ready.

Mix it with warm water and honey for a healthy herbal drink. You can add some rose water to get a taste of Persia! When it comes to your meals, mix the brewed saffron in your protein dishes such as roast chicken or fish. You can also add it to your starchy foods such as rice. If you are treating yourself with some desserts, mix the brewed saffron in your cakes, muffins, mousses, puddings end even ice cream. You have the creative freedom to use saffron in your baking and cooking. Just remember to add it at the end of cooking when possible to avoid loss of benefits due to heat.

Spring cleaning your body with saffron


Spring cleaning is a good ancient practice for health and longevity. It doesn’t mean that your intelligent body hasn’t been cleaning the entire year but rather it is been working too hard and now it is a good time to let your body shift from constant digesting to cleaning and healing.

Saffron is a super food that has no calories and yet it is potent with antioxidants that can help your body to spring clean everything that is harmful to your health, wellness, and longevity.

Persian saffron is a unique variety because it possesses the highest amounts of antioxidants that are necessary for spring cleaning your body. Iranian saffron is the best in the world that makes meals more palatable and life more enjoyable.




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