Put Saffron on your New Year’s Resolution list!

New Year is approaching and many people write a resolution list for the goals they want to achieve in the coming year. Health, youth, beauty and weight loss are common intentions among people. There are many ways to achieve these goals. Some of them are easy and can be done at home on your own but some of them are expensive and must be done in a commercial facility.

Saffron is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve your goals of health, youth, beauty and weight loss! You buy a very small amount of the spice and use it as you wish in your meals, desserts and drinks. You will enjoy the exotic aroma, unique taste and beautiful color immensely but magic happens and you will see results on your mental and physical state as well as your weight!

In this article, we will review the reasons saffron deserves to be on your New Year’s resolution list so you can understand the scientific explanation of its effects on your health, youth, beauty and weight loss.

Why saffron deserves a spot on your New Year’s resolution lit?

New Year’s resolution list is about the important items, subjects or states that you want to have or learn. They can be material items or just habits that you want to develop or the states that you want to attain mentally or physically. Optimum health is probably the most important goal everyone has and saffron is one of the most potent spices on the planet that influences your health. Traditional medicines around the globe have praised saffron for its healing power while modern medicine has been proving the medicinal effects by rigorous researches.

Saffron is strong enough to cure some diseases but everyday use also helps you maintain and improve your health for following reasons:

1. Mental benefits

Depression, negativity, obsession and ADHD are common mental problems that are affecting many people around the world. They have even been on the rise recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is surging all over the world. Until public vaccination can take place and deliver result, saffron can help!

Saffron contains beneficial compounds Safranal, Crocin and Picrocrocin that have proven anti-depressant effects. This is due to their balancing act on Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin that are involved in control of anxiety and depression. Saffron can change the levels of these neurotransmitters in the brain.

The chemicals in saffron are strong anti-oxidants that free the brain from oxidative stress which is believed to be the cause of mood swings.

It also helps with Alzheimer’s disease. When it is taken with prescribed medicines, it reduces their severe side effects such as low libido.

2. Cardiovascular benefits

Scientific research has showed that saffron can lower blood cholesterol by 50% and clean up arteries and blood vessels. This is also due to the anti-oxidant compounds that clear the oxidation byproducts and inflammation.

3. Respiratory benefits

By reducing inflammation, saffron clears the airways and promotes easier breathing thus it is most effective for asthma attacks. It also helps with phlegm control that can cause serious problems in the long term.

4. Digestive benefits

With having strong effect on the brain and mood, saffron is able to relax the gut muscles so food digestion can become more efficient. The better the digestion is, the better the mood and cognitive state will be.

The well-performing gut will absorb all essential nutrients from your diet resulting in optimum health.
Digestive tract is the main site of neurotransmitter creation. When the system is not performing properly, the neurotransmitter balance is off and the brain is unbalanced as well. That is when negativity, depression and obsession develop.

Weak digestion also affects immune system which is mainly located in the digestive tract. The result is inflammation throughout the body to clean up toxic chemicals. The inflammation will change the brain chemistry creating moods of sadness and depression.

The relationship between the gut and brain is a 2-way mechanism meaning a change in one side will affect the other side too.

5. Blood benefits

Saffron has well-known lowering effect on blood pressure due to its Safranal compound. It is from the family of Flavonoids that inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme. This enzyme is the main target of anti-hypertensive agents. Anti-oxidants play a major role in controlling blood pressure and saffron is pact with anti-oxidants.

Blood glucose levels are also affected by saffron because it can positively change diabetic parameters by influencing redox-mediated mechanisms and GLUT4/AMPK pathway to change glucose uptake.

6. Immune system benefits

Having strong anti-oxidants helps immune system to fight infections and oxidation. They can scavenge free radicals effectively so no inflammation is developed.

The majority of immune system is located in the gut and is heavily affected with the food you eat. Saffron has bioactive constituents that can influence both cellular and humoral immune functions that can protect you against pathogens that are in the food, in the air and almost everywhere.

The immunomodulatory power of saffron involves direct targeting of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) that regulate transcription factors such as nuclear factor (NF-κB), activator protein1 (AP-1) and their downstream signaling pathways. They are involved in response mechanisms to external or internal stimuli. They either produce or inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines according to the circumstances.

7. Skin benefits

In Persian culture, saffron is known for improving the complexion and healing wounds. The reason is that saffron increases blood flow to the skin, causing tissue regeneration and collagen production so skin looks plump and youthful. By increasing cell multiplication, it speeds up scar healing.

The Crocin compound also reduces melanin by suppressing Tyrosinase which is an enzyme essential for melanin production. This process prevents hyper-pigmentation.

Saffron also has anti-bacterial power that is ideal for treating acne.

8. Weight loss benefits

Saffron can lower appetite which in turn helps with weight loss. Having the power to lower blood sugar, insulin level in your blood will be lowered that influences your hunger hormones.
The anti-inflammatory effect also clears the inflammation that is often associated with water retention. So great amounts of water weight will be released.
It also aids with fat burning mechanism by increasing metabolism. It happens naturally, gradually and safely without side effects.


Final thoughts

Human body is complex with different interrelated systems working together. Anything that influences digestive tract will affect immune system and brain. Anything that changes blood chemistry can practically change any organ in your body!

Saffron contains 150 active compounds that effectively interact with many biological targets and signaling pathways through blood and digestive tract. Its Flavonoids and Caretonoids compounds are proven anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals. They can positively influence health and wellness. Along with having many health benefits, it has no side effect in contrast to most prescribed medicines!

Persian saffron has the highest quality in terms of genetic composition and chemical profile. It contains the highest amount of Flavonoids and Caretonoids which provide the magical health effects. A pinch of Iranian saffron can improve health, heal ailments and manage your weight. With having such powerful benefits for health, youth, beauty and weight loss, Persian saffron deserves to be on top of your New Year’s resolution list!
Happy New Year!