Persian Saffron, Red gold of the world

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What do you know about Persian saffron?

Persian saffron (Iranian saffron ), known as red gold, has a high export value. Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. The history of planting saffron in Iran goes back more than 3000 years

What is the climate suitable for saffron cultivation?

Saffron is a tropical plant that grows well in temperate climates, with relatively mild summers, sunny, autumn, and winter. The issue of saffron planting may not be true in all circumstances because the saffron plant may not be adapted to the environment. As in Hamadan, which is one of the oldest cities in Iran, saffron cultivation has given satisfactory results.

Different organs of saffron or red gold:

Chamche: The first organ to be seen from saffron on the soil surface, and saffron is seen in some medium, long or short cultivars.

Leaves: Saffron has sharp leaves that are darker on top and lighter on down.

Stigma: The saffron stigmas are three branches, their length is different from the petals, and their’s edges are folded.

Saffron style: Yellow, which is pale in some species. This color difference depends on the ratio of carotenoid in it.

Petals: The saffron petals can each be up to three and their thickness can be low or high.

Onion: The saffron onions may be round and have a brownish color that is very compact and the onion’s white color is clearly visible.

Saffron parts

Persian saffron, an elixir that gives color

Saffron brewing method:

rubbing Pour saffron with or without sugar and put in three ice cubes, let it melt in the air until it becomes water. When completely dissolved, put it in a small glass and store it in the refrigerator. This saffron will be very pleasant and we will use it whenever we want. Those in humid regions should warm the saffron in the microwave for 30 seconds to become dry before rubbing, then cool it and then powder it.

A Cup Healthy by Persian Saffron (Red Gold):

Saffron tea prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the veins and thus prevents heart disease. Saffron contains substances called crocetin that make lower blood pressure, thus preventing heart disease.

Reduction in menstruation: Saffron tea is an excellent stimulant for menstruation in women with no regular menstrual cycle. people use brewed Saffron to reducing uterine bleeding and reduce menstrual pain.

Those who suffer from insomnia can have a comfortable sleep with a cup of saffron tea.

Properties of Herbal Tea with Persian Saffron:

Saffron Herbal Tea has an appetizing effect and improves digestive function and helps with digestion and gastric bloating. Saffron’s Herbal Tea is also diuretic and cleanses the bladder.

saffron's herbal tea



The use of saffron’s Herbal Tea in pregnancy should not be used because it can cause miscarriage.

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