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Negin Saffron: The Best Type Of Saffron

There are many types of luxurious Saffron, but the super Negin saffron is of the highest quality among all the Saffron. According to Negin Saffron supplier, the highest quality saffron comprises three stigma threads attached, known as Negin. Negin is what persons call the valuable stone on the bits of jewelry in Farsi. Negin Saffron has a long cord, similar to Mancha (Pushal), and it has a more vibrant red color than Sargol.

Iran’s weather is appropriate for budding Saffron. Their dampness level of All Red Saffron is under 7%. The Super Negin Saffron supplier has the Best Iranian Saffron in the world. Also, the Saffron Iran Harvests are from Kermanshah province, Kurdistan province, and Razavi Khorasan Province. Let’s look in detail at these Saffron and look at the composition as well.

The Quality of the Allred Negin

The quality of Saffron state on these three factors:

  • Crocin is a biochemical that is accountable for the color of Saffron. Clienteles request high Crocin level Saffron. The advanced Crocin developed the coloring strength of Saffron.
  • Safranal is essential for controlling the aroma of Saffron. Also, it is responsible for ensuring why Saffron smells how it does.
  • Picrocrocin is why Saffron flavor is a little bit unpleasant, and it is accountable for the taste of Saffron.

How to choose the best Saffron?

In the market, you can find several saffron types, and in most places, there is artificial saffron present. So, how to distinguish between original and fake Saffron. The best way to differentiate between the two is by tasting. Saffron is a little bitter but does not have its taste. So, if you come across a sweeter taste in Saffron, it means it is not pure. Also, some sellers add sugar to it to enhance the taste ad weight of Saffron.

Another way of selecting good quality saffron crocus is by decisive its color. The finest Saffron is dark red, and its color won’t alter when it is soluble in water. Finally, you can differentiate the unique Saffron by its smelling. High-quality Saffron odors somehow among honey and alfalfa.

Saffron Medicinal use

Saffron’s old folkloric uses as herb tea medicine are legendary. It has carminative and emmenagogic properties. Also, it helps it for making it unique and highly beneficial for several medicinal purposes. Iranians used Saffron to treat respiratory infections and disorders, including coughing and common colds, cancer, smallpox, hypoxia, and asthma. Other goals comprised blood disorders, paralysis, insomnia, heart diseases, stomach upsets, and conditions. Also, it helps to cure flatulence, gout, and chronic uterine bleeding. Further, it is beneficial to treat amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea,  baby colic, and eye disorders.

Benefits of Negin Saffron

Some other benefits of using these Saffron are listed below, which helps you in deciding how beneficial these Negin saffron are for health and other purposes:

  • Helps with digestion
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Mood Booster
  • Controls Appetite which results in weight loss
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Anti Depression
  • Controls heart rate

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