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Let Saffron spice up your Christmas!

Saffron looks exotic, smells magical, and tastes unique. It can make your heart happy and your mind bright. That is exactly why Saffron is perfect for Christmas time. After all, Christmas is also exotic, magical, and unique. It has all-time favorite activities of tree decorating, baking, and gift exchanging that are part of the happy Christmas spirit. The enchanting white snow has covered the ground and the bright lights are shining in every corner.

In this article, we will explore all the ways you can use Saffron at Christmas time so you can benefit from all its magical health properties and also make your loved ones happy.

How to use Saffron at Christmas time?

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world for a good reason. It is packed with goodness and health. Its powerful compounds are anti-inflammatory which protects your body against oxidative stress, the number one cause of diseases. They are also anti-oxidants that can clear your body of excessive free radicals. Their anti-apoptotic ability can help with unusual cell death programming that is the cause of Cancers.

They are also anti-hypertensive and anti-atherogenic which lower blood pressure and cholesterol respectively. Above all Saffron is a proven anti-biotic which is just right for 2020 Christmas that is plugged with COVID-19. It strengthens your immune system so you can fight the Coronavirus successfully.

There are many ways to incorporate Saffron in Christmas activities:

• Saffron Eggnog

We know that eggnog has all the good spices such as nutmeg that uplifts your mood but Saffron has a strong positive effect on the heart to make you happy and smiling. Since Christmas is the time of celebration and happiness, Saffron is the perfect spice to complement the timing. You will also be more creative to make your ordinary eggnog golden yellow!

• Saffron Christmas cake

Christmas cake is all about nuts and fruits and Saffron is the most compatible spice for them. Not only it makes your cake beautiful golden yellow and smelling divine, but it can also contribute to sugar management in your blood and prevent a spike in your blood glucose. Just add the Saffron to brandy and let it sit for a few minutes for the color and aroma to be extracted. You can add honey to the mix as well because honey and Saffron are a magic couple that does miracles in your body in terms of healing and rejuvenating!

• Saffron Christmas bun

Your bun doesn’t have to be ordinary when you can turn it into a unique delicacy. With Saffron, you can easily achieve the perfect golden brown bun with a more appetizing aroma and a divine taste. That is how a Swedish Saffransbullar or Lussekatter is like. It is baked on Lucia Day, December 13th as part of Swedish julbak. This baking tradition has one specific dessert dedicated to every day of December up to Christmas Eve. Swedish Saffron bun is shaped like the letter S and is decorated with currants. It is likely that the spice was chosen for this Lucia day because of its golden yellow color which is associated with the meaning of the name Lucia as light!

• Saffron chocolate truffles

There is a Swedish Christmas treat again called Saffransoch Vitchokladtryffel in which white chocolate is mixed with Saffron to create an eye-catching dessert. But combining with dark chocolate also creates an exotic taste that is unmatched by anything else.

• Saffron roasted chicken

Saffron is the perfect match for chicken but you can use it with other proteins such as turkey, lamb, pork, or fish and seafood. You just need to add it to the marinate mix or apply it directly to the skin in combination with butter and lemon. It gives your roast chicken a lovely golden color that tastes even more delicious.
You can also add the Saffron to the sauce or gravy. In combination with cream, stock and shallot, a divine taste is developed which makes the Swedish Saffranssås.

• Saffron vegetable sides

Saffron goes well with many vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, carrots and peas. Add Saffron with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove, cumin and star anise and mix with brown sugar and oil. Add the spice mix to your favorite vegetable, mix well and bake it in the oven till golden crisp. Your ordinary side gets upgraded that easily!

• Saffron rice

Paella and bouillabaisse are good choices for a Christmas diner but plain Saffron-infused Persian rice is the perfect decoration for any dish. Just crush the spice in a pestle & mortar and add some hot water. Let it sit for 15 minutes then add it to cooked rice to turn it to a strong golden yellow. This color is a good compliment for cranberry to be sprinkled on protein dishes or sides. It can also make a good stuffing.

• Saffron Pudding

The Persian rice Saffron pudding is a great addition to your Christmas treats but apparently, there is a Swedish version too! The Iranian version mixes rice with sugar, Saffron, almond flakes, and cinnamon while the Swedish version incorporates egg, milk, and cardamom and serves it with dewberry jam and cream.

• Saffron apple crumble

When adding cinnamon to your heavenly crumble, add some Saffron too. These 2 spices are a great match and in combination with apple, give your treat a unique taste and aroma.

• Saffron cranberry pie

The finish in your favorite pie is always egg yolk but when Saffron is added to the mix, a natural golden hue is created that complements the red color of cranberry and takes your pie to the next level!

• Saffron Gift

Besides baking, Christmas is also the time of giving gifts to your loved ones. What gift better than the most expensive spice in the world! A little Saffron in a luxury gift box can bring smile to every face and when used, it brings happiness to their heart too.


Final thoughts

Saffron is unique in many ways. It is a superfood compact in a few delicate red stigmas that are plucked from a beautiful rare flower which blooms one flower every morning just during a month in the fall. It contributes to the taste and looks of your Christmas baking but it also contributes significantly to your health and longevity.
Christmas is unique in many ways too. It is a celebration of life, the beginning, and the giving. It is compact with happiness and joy. It contributes to the spirit of humanity.

Although 2020 Christmas is plugged with a global pandemic and consequent social distancing you don’t have to let the virus take away the Christmas spirit. In response, you can add to the happy activities in your own home while adding a few strings of Saffron magic to everything you bake.

You can incorporate Persian Saffron in your Christmas celebration just to make it more memorable and unique. The Iranian Saffron that is the best in the world is just the right remedy for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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