Iranian saffron types And introduce the best type of saffron

Introduction to Iranian saffron:

Iranian Saffron divide into three main groups, Keep in mind that the stigma is the red part and the style is the yellow part of the saffron’s strand.

Saffron has different varieties available at different prices in the market, Saffron divide into three general categories: 1-Bunch (Dasteh) 2-Pushal (A variety of saffron is used in the red and yellow sections of saffron) 3-Sargol

Iranian Saffron

1. Dasteh Saffron

The most basic and most basic type of saffron

Together, by drying of a whole string of saffron (including stigma and style) is achieved.

The style part is usually 3 to 5 mm and the stigma depends on the quality of the saffron longer or shorter.

Place the strands in saffron bunches in either one-way or two-way mode.

Difference between one-way and two-way alignment:

workers overlap the stigmas and style In the one-sided arrangement. The two-sided arrangement, stigmas on both sides and style in the middle.
In the two-sided arrangement, because the yellow part is in the middle, the stigma is more exposed.
Dokhtar Pich: Classification of saffron strands is usually done by women;

2. Pushal Saffron

Another type of Iranian Saffron is Pushal Saffron.  In this type of saffron, the red stigma is the most part of the saffron strand and the yellow style part is only 1 to 2 mm from the saffron strand. Because of the higher stigma in this type of saffron, it has more coloring ability than the saffron bunch.

This type of saffron has gained more confidence from buyers due to the style attached to the saffron’s stigma and the likelihood of being counterfeit is in less mode.

3. Sargol Saffron

Sargol saffron, in this type, does not have a style (yellow part) part and the stigmas are completely red in color, forming pure saffron.

The similarity to Sargol and Pushal

In some cases, Sargol calls Pushal, In this case, Sargol saffron divides into two types: Negin and Pushal.
The Negin Sargol is actually the same high definition of Sargol Saffron. The premium(Momtaz) Sargol actually contains some of the yellow styles.


people use Sargol saffron more than other types.

Saffron Negin Pushal or Pushal Negin(The best Iranian saffron type):

Negin Pushal saffron is a special type of Pushal saffron.

In Negin saffron, the three-branched filaments of a red and thick stigma without style(yellow) are separated from the available filaments. Negin saffron, produce bulk saffron.

firstly this is the most expensive type of saffron.

secondly, we say that this type of saffron Has the highest coloring ability

the next one is, There was a downward trend in many years due to the time-consuming and costly process and the additional work required to process it.

Finally, the important thing we want to say is that: if the stigma of Negin saffron is thicker and longer than a defined limit, this type of saffron is called Super Negin.

White Saffron or Konj(Iranian term):

By separating the stigma from the bunch, the root part remains, called white or Konj saffron.

Contrary to some people’s perception that the konj is more fragrant than the flower.
The valuable ingredients of saffron lie only in its red stigma.

people don’t include white saffron in the category of saffron varieties, but they take consideration of it because of its beautiful color and appearance and also because there is no possibility of fraud.

saffron types

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