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A brief guide on wholesale saffron

Red saffron

Red saffron

In this article, we want to talk about Wholesale saffron.
Saffron, which the Iranian people have long considered, has various properties for the eyes, intelligence, stress relief, heart health, and cancer treatment. Click here for more information on a Saffron for strong immune system. For easier buying and selling and different uses that each of the different parts of saffron has, saffron is divided into different types.

Each type of saffron has particular uses and properties. Saffron is one of the primary raw materials and condiments in food preparation, making the food both pleasant and gives the food a good taste and smell. When you buy saffron, you are looking for both its quality and its value and health. When you use saffron in food, the aroma and taste of food become unique and seductive. That is why you must be careful in buying Wholesale saffron to buy the best quality saffron.

How to recognize the authenticity of purchased wholesale saffron?

Before you look for a supplier to buy saffron in bulk, it is better to know how to identify the original and quality of saffron.

Price of wholesale saffron

One of the things the quality of a product may judge is the price. The low price of wholesale saffron depends on various factors. The low and appropriate price is not always a reason for its low quality. The low price in bulk purchase of original saffron is probably because you directly buy from the farmer or through an intermediary. And you buy in bulk, so the price is not a good basis for judgment.

Pay attention to appearance in bulk purchase of saffron

The next thing that should be considered when buying saffron is its appearance. The saffron package that you buy must also have strings with yellow branches, and if it is uniform, there is a high probability that it is counterfeit and not genuine. Also, the end of the saffron string should look like a horn. Also, counterfeit saffron probably has a larger appearance and contradictory threads.

Smelling saffron when buying wholesale saffron

If you still suspect that saffron is genuine or counterfeit, smell it. Counterfeit saffron is often repaired using dyes and chemicals to make it look like first-class and original saffron. If saffron smells like skin or chemicals, it is probably fake.

Recognize the authenticity of saffron with hot water



You can even find out if the saffron is counterfeit or genuine by dipping it in hot water. After soaking the saffron in hot water for a few minutes, the color of the water changes to yellow. If this does not happen, stop buying saffron in bulk for your restaurant and look for another saffron supplier.

Is buying bulk powdered saffron recommended for businesses or not?

Powdered saffron is normally sold in grocery stores. Still, for businesses that use it a lot, it may not be the right choice because whenever saffron is ground, it is often inadvertently or intentionally mixed with other types of spices that It may change the taste and quality of your food, so powdered saffron is not recommended for wholesale saffron purchases.

Select a regular supplier for the wholesale saffron

Another point that needs to be raised here is choosing a supplier for the bulk purchase of saffron. Buying from a supplier will make you always have the same model of saffron and the same unique taste in your food, which will make your customers loyal to the quality and taste of your food. Work, there will be. That will probably convert the quality of your food.

For this purpose, be sure to be careful in choosing a supplier for the bulk purchase of original saffron and sign a long-term contract for cooperation and supply of saffron to provide a consistent quality of food to your customers.

In addition to the fact that mixed and powdered saffron is a combination of different types of saffron and other spices, it is also possible that different saffron that does not have the same flavor and combine to create a bad flavor or the expiration time of each Saffron is different and its powdered composition is not suitable.
In general, these factors are essential in the purchase of wholesale saffron.

  •  The quality of saffron and the type affect the price of the product.
  • Different packages have different prices.
  •  The fluctuation of the dollar has a direct effect on the price changes of saffron.
  •  Product health license is also involved in the price of saffron.
  •  The order quantity can also be influential in determining the price. (Receive a discount if you buy in large quantities)

What types of people buy saffron in bulk?



  1.  Export organizations and bodies
    Our country, Iran, supplies 90% of the world’s saffron. Saffron exports also have high profits. So if you also want to participate in the lucrative field of saffron exports and buy major saffron from us, you can also use the consulting services of our team in the field of saffron exports.
  2.  Restaurants and catering
    We invite the restaurants and food preparation of the country to prepare saffron, which is one of the most consumed spices and condiments in restaurants, to rely on us and buy natural and high-quality saffron without intermediaries and brokers.
  3.  Stores and sales centers
    We are ready to offer the product in bulk to all stores and sales centers in the country.
  4.  Confectioneries
    The aroma and taste of saffron are essential to baking some cakes and sweets, and its coloring is not very useful. Therefore, saffron root can be used to bake cakes and sweets. Usually, confectioneries and confectioneries also have to buy wholesale saffron.

Of course, you don’t have to be in the above category so that you will be able to buy wholesale saffron. Anyone can buy saffron in bulk without any problems.

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