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Persian saffron, famed as “red gold” is a world-famous sweet-smelling ingredient in Iranian cuisine and culinary. The history of Persian saffron reaches far back to the Achaemenid dynasty and since then the Persian saffron has found its place well in Persian food and recipes.

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Saffron Price | 2021-04-07

Shipping cost is calculated separately

Saffron Type 1-10 KG 10-50 KG > 50 KG
Ghalamdar Pushal $367 $352 $337
Light Pushal $306 $293 $281
Negin $471 $451 $432
Similar Negin $377 $361 $345
Super Negin $518 $496 $475
Top Super Negin $612 $586 $561
Usual Pushal $330 $316 $302

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Our Iranian saffron is made up of the red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style prior to drying. Stigmas cut this way don’t trap the moisture inside.

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