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Pushal Saffron

If the saffron stigma is separated from the lower part of the …

Sargol Saffron

Sargol is what people know as saffron. Sargol saffron means a stigma …

Negin Saffron

This is saffron with long and smooth strands and does not have …

Super Negin Saffron

Super Negin saffron comprises three separate shame branches whose marks of disgrace …

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You can buy saffron from our site. It is the safest way to purchase bulk and packaged saffron because intermediaries and possible frauds are minimized. Bulk saffron is sold directly and without intermediaries by ourselves at a reasonable price. This bulk sale can be in person or straight, or through the site and order via email. You can easily buy from us because all our products have a guarantee and their quality is guaranteed. We try to make customers quickly buy saffron and enjoy its original taste. I hope you have a great shopping event with us.
Red Gold

Persian saffron

Persian saffron, known as red gold, has high fare esteem. Iran is the most significant producer of saffron on earth. The historical backdrop of saffron development in Iran traces all the way back to over 3000 years prior. Saffron is an equatorial plant and grows well in temperate climates and hot, dry summers, sunny autumns, and relatively mild winters. The subject of saffron planting may not be proper in all conditions because the saffron plant may not be compatible with the environment. Iranian saffron has extraordinary quality
persian saffron

Best saffron

Iran has the first position in saffron production globally, and Ghaen, as the red gold capital of Iran, has a global brand in saffron production. Saffron is a plant from the genus Lily with medicinal properties and is used to flavor and color foods in Iran. This plant is produced in different cities of Iran and is one of the export products of Iran. Undoubtedly, the best saffron in the world belongs to Iran and its various cities.
best saffron

Top 10 saffron producers in 2020

The Top 10 saffron producers in 2020 are Iran, Spain, India, Greece, Afghanistan, China, Morocco, Italy, Azerbaijan, and UAE. According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Iran, Iran has a share of 92-95% of the total saffron production in the world. Of course, most of its production is not registered globally like domestic consumption, not global statistics. Forecasts for 2021 are about 600 tons of saffron exports in Iran.
Top 10 saffron

Saffron Price

The saffron price depends on various factors. Its price usually determines the type of saffron, and factors such as environmental conditions, economic and cultivation difficulty, etc., have a significant impact on the cost of saffron. The price of saffron has multiplied in the domestic markets compared to the previous year, but its price has not increased surprisingly in the world markets.
saffron price

Saffron recipes

In general, many delicious foods can be made with saffron. Iranians usually always use saffron in the rice they cook for their guests. Chicken saffron is one of the most delightful saffron recipes that are famous all over the world. Barberry saffron pilaf with chicken is another delicious recipe.
saffron rice

Original Saffron

One of the fundamental techniques for perceiving saffron is the legitimate utilization of the word sweet. Excellent saffron consistently has a sweet fragrance and not a sweet taste. If you feel the sweet desire for your mouth, this is fake saffron. Now and then, opportunists plunge saffron in nectar or sugar to build their weight. The original saffron is a little bitter or sometimes does not give any particular taste. We assure you that we have original saffron, and there is no such thing in them.
saffron field

Saffron containers

In general, saffron is packaged in containers of at least two grams to ten grams for regular use. You should contact the manufacturers for bulk purchases. Of course, if you want one hundred or two hundred grams of saffron containers, for example, you can easily find them in city stores, but usually, for more than this amount, you have to go to wholesalers.
saffron container

Saffron benefits

Saffron benefits include strengthening mood, healthy nerve function, improving blood circulation, improving cell function, improving the gastrointestinal tract, treating colds, an excellent booster to enhance the skin, and strengthening bone strength.
saffron picking

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